Writing Your Own Vows!



A great way to add a special touch to your ceremony is by writing your own vows! The big question is.... what do you write about?! Well, I have the answer! Here's a few things to include in your vows. 

1) Where did you meet? What do you remember about your fiance the first time you met? For example, When we met ______, I knew that ______. 

2) How do you feel when you are with your fiance? When I am with you, I feel _____. Excited? Giddy? Blessed? So in love? The list goes on and on....

3) You can also include a few things that you love most about your fiance.  Do you love his work ethic or his love for his family? Maybe even something funny, like how he makes the best hamburgers! 

4) Another great thing to include is what you look forward to most with your future husband. I mean, obviously you are excited to begin a new chapter of your life with the love of your life, but what about the specifics? Are you excited to travel somewhere specific with him, or are you looking forward to sitting in rocking chairs on your front porch when you are 80? Include little things that you two have mentioned before, maybe even little inside jokes that only you two know. 

5) Include your promise! From this day forward, I promise to ______. Love you forever. Grow old with you. Stick with you through the good times and the bad. 

Hope some of this helps you write the most special vows ever! 


Picking Out the Rings

Wow, there are so many options for rings! I have a best friend of mine who went with a beautiful Ruby surrounded by diamonds, my ring is gold, lots of friends have silver or platinum.... the diamond cuts and choices are endless! My advice would be to pick one that makes your heart happy. Don't worry about the trends and what everyone else has chosen. I think when you feel like the time is right in your relationship with your future spouse you should have some conversations about what it is you have in mind. Here is a ring photo shoot I found on modwedding.com, another wedding blog that I love to read. http://www.modwedding.com/2015/12/engagement-rings-with-glamorous-charm/

You have to decide how you would like the ring to look on your finger and how you want it to fit. I would suggest going to a ring store and trying on several options. 


Then you have to decide the carat, clarity, color and cut. The 4 C's of diamonds. 

When your honey proposes I know your emotions will be high and you will be so very happy and excited to begin this phase of your life that all of this won't seem to matter but it doesn't hurt to have some ideas!!

I also think when it is time to pick his ring you should consider what would match yours, what he prefers and I think it is so sweet to get something engraved inside of it. Make it personal and sweet. My husband has "Love you Honey" inside his because that is what we say to each other. Make it yours, make it wearable for a lifetime of marriage, happiness and memories! 


Dancing with Daddy at Your Wedding

Every girl dreams of her wedding from when she is a little girl. The beautiful day, the beautiful decorations, the dress, your friends surrounding you and marrying your Best Friend! Dancing with your daddy at your wedding is another part of that. I remember the day I got married and my mom and I worked hard to pick the perfect song for my dad and I to dance to. It was "Always Be Your Baby" by Natalie Grant. If you want a good cry look it up! I still cry every time I listen to it- I think about those words and how much I love my dad and how grateful I am to have him as my dad! I'm actually tearing up tying this! 

I have 3 daughters and even though they are little I still think about what it is going to be like to watch them dance with their daddy when they get married. Watching brides at their weddings makes me tear up because I know what it means to the bride, her daddy and her family to see this sweet moment of love exchanged through a song and dance. 

Your Daddy/Daughter dance should do that to you! Sometimes it is hard to pick out that song so having a great wedding planner or a great DJ helps. You can ask those questions and they will help you find the perfect song to go with your emotional connection to your father. I have seen some fathers and daughters create a choreographed dance that is a complete surprise to everyone too! I think it should be something memorable and something that means a lot to you and your family to honor that man who helped raise you and made you who you are today.


Couple's Choice Award!

What an honor! Our wonderful couples voted us to get the Couple's Choice Award on weddingwire.com. Did you know you have to be in the top 5% of the 400K vendors to get this award?! That's so wonderful for us and it makes all of our hard work that much more worth it. Thank you to all you sweet couples who appreciated our hard work, our love for the game and our dedication to your big day!! 

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