Cocktail Tables for a Fun Night

Are you planning a great night of fun for your guests after the wedding is celebrated? The best way to keep the party hopping is to have cocktail tables sitting around instead of seated tables. You want your guests up and mingling. These simply give them a place to set their drinks while they dance the night away!

Cocktail tables can be covered with striking linens and other fabrics to bring out your theme’s colors and are great overflow if you have more guests than expected. They are a great way for guests to get to know each other while they snack or drink.

We have everything you need- cocktail tables, linens, sashes and centerpieces. Call, email or just drop by today to have a more in-depth conversation about other enhancements for yo and your guests!

Beauty in Simplicity

This wedding took place in a simple gazebo. The couple selected the featured chandelier and added some fabric. Even though it was a super windy day, chairs and mason jars tastefully arranged with baby's breath were all we needed to make a beautiful setting for this sacred day. The bride was gorgeous and the groom was pleased!

Navy, Linens and Lanterns


Pulling off a Nautical Theme takes more than having a wedding by the beach. Having the right décor can make the setting really pop. We have all sorts of rental items to take the presentation to a truly breathtaking level: linens, lanterns, candles, dishes, centerpieces… you name it!

This specific wedding was on Panama City Beach and The Celebration Place was proud to be part of it every step of the way. It was a picture-perfect day with a beach wedding followed by a reception right on the shore. All of the parts and pieces of this beautiful occasion were provided by The Celebration Place and our recommended vendors.

Like what you see? Give us a call, come by or email us for a quote and let's get started planning your special day!

Beauty at Eden Gardens


We put some special touches to make The Wedding Tree at Eden Gardens an even more remarkable setting than it already is. White resin chairs and plant stands were added with gorgeous pink hydrangeas and lanterns for a stunning outcome. So simple yet so beautiful! We can do something similar for whatever important occasion you have comin up. Come in and talk with us about all the ways we can beautify your venue or wedding spot. If you think it, we can do it at The Celebration Place!