Archway Choices

At The Celebration Place we have many different Archway options. We provide the 4 post bamboo archway, the 2 post bamboo archway, a wooden log archway, a dark mahogany chuppah for sand or self standing, a dome archway, white lattice, white wooden, natrual wood and a few others. We like to have a variety of items for the customer to choose from to make the day personal. As you look through our archways in our shopping rentals area or as you look at google images or on Pinterest you will get a lot if ideas about what archway is perfect for you. We can accent it with all sorts of colors of chiffon, cute tiebacks, a flower bar or flower accents and more, just use your imagination!! 


Picking the Correct Color for your Wedding

This was one of my favorite weddings and favorite couples! Rachel and Mickey along with Rachel's mom were so much fun to work with, talk with and their wedding was so beautiful and perfect! Rachel had this specific color she wanted for her wedding color. She didn't want burgundy but she didn't want purple. We searched high and low to get the perfect color sashes and they matched her bouquet and all of her decor so beautifully!! She was a beautiful bride, she had a handsome groom and it turned out to be a beautiful day. 

Every bride has a color that speaks to them. The color that makes them smile when they think about their wedding. We have a large variety of colors in sashes and runners and we like to use those as pops of color to make your wedding look like you!! Your wedding should scream your name when your guests walk in the door. They should feel like you are inviting them to your house and showing them what you are about. Let us at The Celebration Place help you design your dream wedding and help you find the colors that make your guests feel at home!!


Pinterest Crazy!

Who is getting married and not referencing Pinterest? Nobody!! Every bride we talk to either visits Pinterest often or has a Pinterest board. In this day and age that is the way the brides come up with their ideas. We love Pinterest as well because it brings us a lot of ideas and available pictures to reference for our brides. I have learned something this year though. This fall has been the "Do It Yourself" fall- more than ever before. Brides are downloading "Plan It Yourself" information and attempting to be the beautiful bride while also running the wedding. For some this is fine but for most -AAHH!! How stressful!!! When I got married 11 years ago I remember having the best day!! We had hair and makeup at my mom's house, we even had a massage company come over and relax everyone. We went to the church, got dressed, laughed and had the best time!! I didn't have to worry about where the cake was going, if it came, if the centerpieces were put out, who goes where and what and oh my goodness!! I am so thankful I had a person in charge who took care of everything. Well that is what a planner/coordinator is for and that is a service we provide at The Celebration Place!! We make it stress free for the bride and the groom and actually for the entire family!!  Pinterest is great for ideas and decor... but let a professional from The Celebration Place take care of the rehearsal and the work the day of the wedding. We can do that and much more. Give us a call today!!

Getting Married on The World's Most Beautiful Beaches

Panama City Beach is the most beautiful beach to have a wedding. The water is gorgeous and The Celebration Place can set up an archway for however many people you have! We can set up an arch or you can add chairs and endless decorations. The beauty of the beach is that you don't have to do much and you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

This couple came from Indiana and Kentucky with their families to enjoy the beach and partake in this enchanting event. We did the rentals, set up and officiating.

Best of all, we had referral beach homes for the guests to make the event something to truly cherish.