Beauty on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the most important day for your skin! Many bride go through extreme measures to ensure they have a good skin day for their wedding. One way to be sure you are prepared is to think ahead. My friends at BeautiControl have some great programs to get your skin feeling radiant for the biggest day in photos! I personally use the products and it feels so nice to have soft, clear skin. If you would like more information please call Nancy (850-319-4192) or Judy (850-276-2305) at BeautiControl and they can get you started!! Be Beautiful!  

It Takes a Cake... or 2

Picking out a cake for your wedding is a fun and sometimes stressful event!! You want a cake that matched your decor and one that wows the crowed. Everyone goes to the reception in search of the cake to see what you picked and of course how beautiful it is! I would be terribly disappointed if I didn't get cake at a reception! Here are some things you need to think about when it comes to picking your epic cake. 

  1. Do you want round or square layers? Do you want round AND square layers?
  2. Do you want a small cake with cupcakes?
  3. Do you want fondant, buttercream? Do you want rough iced or smooth?
  4. Will you need a cake stand?
  5. Will you have a bride and groom's cake or just one?
  6. Where will your cake sit? What kind of table do you need?
  7. Do you want a cake topper? Flowers? Real or sugar flowers? Where will you get these items?
  8. Do you plan to get a cake knife and server? Will you get it engraved? Or should you just rent one?
  9. What flavor do you want your cake? What colors do you want your cake?
  10. How many layers do you want? How many should it feed?
  11. Will you be keeping the top? Who will take it after the wedding? 
  12. Do you have a box and the items you need to wrap it up so you can eat it on your anniversary?

This is one of the many checklists you will have to work on for your big beautiful day. It can get overwhelming but I have the solution!! Call and hire Misty @ The Celebration Place to be your planner and she will walk you through it all!! There are many cake bakers out there so be sure to go to their websites and Facebook pages to see photos and samples and if possible taste the cake. 

A lot of bakers will make all sorts of different things you can do for the groom's cake so consider thinking outside the box so you don't have too much cake and lots of leftovers. You can do pies, desserts, rice krispie cake, ice cream cake or I have even seen a brownie or cookie cake. Help the groom express what he likes and what his hobbies are. Hope this helps! Have your cake and eat it too!!

Beach Wedding or Farm Wedding?

When you are deciding on where to have your wedding you really have a lot to consider. Do you want to be on the beach? In the sand? Do you want to have an archway? Flags? Do you want chairs or benches? Do you want extravagant or simple? If you are planning a barn wedding do you want to have it in a barn, by a barn or in a field with a barn reception? Do you want super rustic? antique? elegant? There is a lot to consider! As a wedding planner I would of course advise you to first hire one (me!) and then you need to sit down and go over all of your ideas! Pinterest is the best place to get ideas and a vision- that doesn't mean we duplicate your Pinterest board- but we can get inspiration from there! We need to decide your colors, which centerpieces you like, what color linens do you want to have and we can build the wedding from there! I can give suggestions based on your ideas and thoughts as to which will fit your budget, your decor and your guest list. Either can be beautiful and you need to prepare very differently for one or the other. IF that is a lot to handle please give us a call at #thecelebrationplace so I can help you because I love it!!! 


Simply Elegant


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